Skype Sessions!

Don’t live in the Los Angeles area? Don’t sweat it!

We now offer Skype sessions!

Video calling is proven to have the same success rate as an in person hypnotherapy session! All you need is a smart phone and a place to prop the phone up and a space for you to lay down! Easy!

Start hypnotherapy today and make those New Years Resolutions a reality!




Happy New Year 2018!

For many of us, 2018 is very much welcomed!

It’s always nice to start a fresh and go into the New Year with goals in mind, and a fresh new attitude toward life!

Hypnotherapy can cement those changes and reach those goals with efficiency and ease! As a New Year Gift to all new clients, I am offering 20% off sessions and packages till January 18th 2018. Contact us for more information and to schedule a free phone consultation!

It’s going to be an exciting year ahead for us here at Bodhi Hypnotherapy and for all of you!

F xo


Bodhi Hypnotherapy

Thank you so much for taking a peek at my new site!

Years of not overcoming trauma can begin to erode your quality of life. When we find ourselves without coping mechanisms, we sometimes learn self destructive ways of self-soothing. This is usually when we feel like our life is falling apart. Some of us turn to addictions, some of us harm others, some of us lose our self-esteem and are unable to live an authentic life.

Building resiliency to life’s adversity is something we learn, it’s not something we are born with. If we grew up without a strong support system and didn’t find one in adulthood either, it’s normal to feel unable to cope when facing life’s challenges. The issues begin to arise when a person isolates, refuses to get help and feels unable to create that much needed support system. The stigma attached to mental health therapy is steadily lifting in our society, making it less taboo to actually ask for help. There are many types of therapy that have their own track record of success. For example, in a recent study behavioral therapy worked for 72% after 22 sessions and there was a 38% recovery rate for those who underwent 600 sessions of psychoanalysis. These are the most commonly used therapies with good success rates, however a whopping 93% of people recovered after only six hypnosis sessions. Usually people only try hypnotherapy when everything else has failed. It doesn’t need to be this way. I am making it my mission to make hypnotherapy more readily used as a first choice form of therapy.

The secret to it’s success is simple. During hypnotherapy we are not talking to the conscious mind like other therapies, we are talking to the unconscious. The unconscious or subconscious is the place where 90% of our behavior originates. Both positive and negative behaviors, values and beliefs stem from the unconscious and most of the time we don’t question why we act the way we do. They become an automated response to external events. These behaviors, values and beliefs have been learned from before the age of 10, usually from our external influences, whether that’s our primary care givers, guardians or what we heard or saw as children. Sometimes, these automated responses do not serve us anymore as adults. Perhaps they worked well to keep us safe when we were children, but as adults they not only are a hinderance to our progress toward a healthy happy life, but can be dangerous to our health, wellbeing and others around us. Hypnotherapy allows us to bypass the conscious minds barrier and replace negative beliefs, values and behaviors with new positives suggestions that create life-long benefits.

Join me as I continue my mission to raise awareness of the magnificent benefits of hypnotherapy. Let’s continue to lift the taboos of mental health and encourage everyone in need to seek the help they deserve.

Francoise xo