Learning to recall pleasant memories is the key to successful guided imagery for a limitless supply of emotional nourishment. For example, imagery can make gruelling medical treatments or going through physically challenging situations bearable and even pleasant. When we are in an altered state we are more capable of rapid and intense healing, growth, learning and change. By altered state I mean relaxed and focused, calm yet energized, the natural form of hypnosis.

Any perception that comes through the senses is imagery. This includes recalling smells, sounds, sights and physical sensations. The sensory experiences that arise from imagery are the true language of the body, the only language it understands immediately. Our bodies don’t discriminate between sensory images in the mind and what we call reality. 

Although images do not have the same intense impact on the body that real events do, they evoke the same quality of experience in the body. In other words, our body is able to remember an original event or experience at any time. For example, describing biting into a big juicy lemon will activate your salivary glands, same as recalling a favorite recipe or meal. This can be very powerful when we understand that using only our minds we can deliberately introduce healthful images and the guidable body will respond as if they were approximations of reality. Research shows that physical changes can occur in the body as a result of engineering the imagination. A heightened immune system function, healing on a cellular level and the body’s response to allergic reactions can all be altered and improved using this technique.

Life can be fast-paced and sometimes we lose track of ourselves. Stress can mount and begin to affect our sleep, work and behavior. Using guided imagery, we can begin to learn a new resilience to stress. We can program new relaxation techniques into the subconscious and learn how to tap into them when a stressful situation arises. Whether you have road rage (it’s LA, and somewhat to be expected!) nervousness because of an upcoming exam or presentation, general anxiety or sleepless nights over that meeting you’re dreading, we can manage and change the response system so that life can happen, calmly.

We discuss during our pre-induction talk the level of suggestion, if any at all because of your ability to recall pleasant memories, you’d like to receive. As Guided imagery in itself can be used for calming the mind so you can take on your day with ease and positivity.